Project status: no longer under development, but still playable and fun.
Developed: 2003

Babal is a simple 3-D game based on Babal for HP48 by U-Foot, which was my favorite HP48 game. You can play it in your browser window, or stand-alone. I created this to learn a bit about OpenGL and to experiment with writing a game using a scripting language (Python), and experiment with Jython for creating Java programs.

Note: you must have Java and JavaScript enabled to play this game in your browser.


Goal: Don't fall into the holes!
Keys: space=jump up=speed up down=slow down left=strafe left right=strafe right P=pause

See README.txt for instructions and copyright.
See COPYING.txt for the license.
See CHANGELOG.txt for the log of changes.
Download the source code: babal-src.tgz or
Download the Windows executable:

If the game applet does not appear above, or it runs very slowly, or there are graphics glitches, try any one of these options:

  • If you're running Windows, download, unzip, and run the Windows executable.
  • Download and install the Java Plug-in from Sun.
  • Other platforms can download the source code and run it using Python.