Project status: abandoned. Amazingly, it still mostly works and is kind of fun to play with, but there are really nice cheap/free modular synthesizers out there that do 1000x what this program does.
Developed: 1996

This is a Java-based software modular synthesizer. It is is used to generate sounds. You design the sound by putting together basic building blocks (generators): oscillators, envelopes, adders, etc. Once the design is done, you instruct the program to generate the sound (which can take some time, depending on the complexity of the sound).

I created this program for a University course I took in first year to explore audio synthesis.

This program is really old, but you can still try it out as an applet. There's also a Serbo-Croatian translation available, done by Jovana Milutinovich

Download the application: or zrs-synth-0.95.tar.gz