Biographical Information

My name is Emanuel Borsboom, also known as Manny. I live on Mayne Island, in the Gulf of Georgia in British Columbia, with my wife Alexis and identical twin baby boys Theodor and Corlis, our two dogs, cat, and usually various other critters on the property. I was born and raised nearby in Saanich on Vancouver Island. My trade and passion is computer programming. Aside from that I like to spend my time outside: bicycling, kayaking, hiking, and traveling.

I currently contract from home as a Principal Software Engineer for INgrooves, an online digital media label and distributor based in San Francisco, doing systems, audio processing, web, and database programming. In the past I've worked on video games for consoles and handhelds, stock trading services, government information portals, middleware, and various business information systems. My résumé has more details of my work history, and I have various hobby programming projects online.

Among my interests are:

  • Programming - different language paradigms (especially functional), audio, graphics, and games.
  • Biycling - everyday bicycling (commuting, shopping, etc) and long distance touring. I've taken a few longish trips, like one from Victoria to Portland, Oregon and back, and hope to do more.
  • Kayaking - there's great paddling around the southern Gulf and San Juan Islands of the Salish Sea, and I've spent two weeks around the central coast of British Columbia.
  • Back-country camping and hiking, especially in alpine areas (Vancouver Island, Cascades, and Baja so far).
  • Travel - so far, southern India; parts of Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore, parts of western Europe, and the parts of the United States.
  • Music - just about any genre has something I like, and I dabble in playing accordion.
  • Natural building - I met my wife at a cob building workshop and this cob cottage is on our property.

Other stats:

  • Born: 1977
  • Nationality: Canada and the Netherlands
  • Languages: English and Dutch