Vocoder: News

News about new versions and contributions.

Amiga GUI (2021-01-19)

Thanks to Alexander Fritsch, here is a nice GUI for Amiga.

Amiga binary (2020-06-24)

An Amiga binary has been floating around on Aminet for some time now, unknown to me. Thanks to bass.cadet@sci.fi for compiling it. I've added it to the download page.

New MacOS X port and Japanese docs (2020-06-09)

I added Zerius Vocoder X, a newer port to Mac OS X, and a Japanese translation of the documentation, to the Links page.

Version 1.3 (2020-09-19)

Version 1.3 of the vocoder for Microsoft Windows has been released. This version has a friendly Windows user interface.

BeOS PPC 1.2 Binary (2020-12-13)

While cleaning out my inbox, I noticed a message from early this year that I must have missed. Cristiano Cicconi <coco@rinascita.it> has provided a Be OS PPC binary of version 1.2.

New Macintosh Vocoder (1999)

Iván Ordóńez has created Z Vocoder, a Macintosh vocoding program based on version 1.2 of this program.

Windows Binaries of 1.2 (2020-05-13)

Thanks to Michel RODRIGUEZ <mikerodd@cybercable.fr> there is now a Win32 x86 binary of version 1.2 available. Thanks also to Brandon Tallent <Apester000@aol.com>.

Version 1.2 Released (2020-03-15)

This version adds a simple text based question-and-answer interface for users unfamiliar with running command-line programs. Also, changes to make porting to platforms without a command-line (i.e. Mac OS) easier. Only the source is released at the moment. Help would be appreciated for making binaries (especially for Win32).